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5 Stars

"Ali does awesome photography work, my family loved all the pictures he took!"

Customer Ninty

5 Stars


Ali is worth every penny and you will not be disappointed!!

Ali Malik Photography far exceeded all of our expectations. Our photo shoot came out so incredible that people are still talking about those photos a year(s) later. It is best to tell him as much about you and your (husband to be) fiance’ and then let him do the rest. The wedding photos are amazing as well. I am honestly at a loss for words in describing how happy we are that we hired Ali for our wedding photography. He is worth every penny and you will not be disappointed.

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Ali is Amazing! Unique, creative, modern style Photography in Placerville for your Birthday, Corporate event, Wedding, or your high school Senior Portraits. check-out facebook Page for Ali’s recent Photography work around El Dorado county, from landscapes to nightlife photography Ali is AaaamAazing. Unique, creative, modern yet captures the essence, whether it is Wedding, Birthday, corporate event or your high school Senior Portraits. you immediately notice that somehow you feel uplifted and drawn into Ali’s Photography. I would highly recommend you to checkout his photography facebook, page.

Customer 2

5 Stars


Ali Malik Photography is the best!

We made the right choice! Ali was a very professional and pleasant photographer! He took 500+ photos from different perspectives in our 4 hour session, and almost each and every single photo tell an interesting storie. The light and composition are great! The post-processing is fantastic. The the photos made us cry every time we see ’em.

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Recommended Reviews for Ali Malik Photography, Photogrpaher for Cameron Park, El-Dorado Hills, Folsom, Placerville photographer for weddings, engagement, family and high school seniors portraits.

Photography by an awesome photographer in Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Folsom and Placerville for weddings, engagement, family and high school seniors portraits. Captures the best moment

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5 / 5 stars

Customer 23

5 Stars

Ali does awesome Photography work! my family loved all the pictures he took!

Ali is a phenomenal artist and journalist Photographer

After seeing numerous wedding photographers in Sacramento, Folsom area and had seen the final work that other photographers in the Placerville area put out…I will say Ali is a phenomenal artist and journalist Photographer. He is a people person, and a very creative and skilled photographer.
Ali has his ways of de-stressing the people, making them laugh, and making the photo sessions fun.
His creativity is matched with technical skill and together they are at a level unseen in most local photographers (in El Dorado, Sacramento county). Ali is not just a great photographer, but a cool person to be around.
Customer 24

5 Stars


highly recommended

I would highly recommend Ali Malik Photography and Ali to any couple that is planning to get married.
Customer 4

5 Stars


Ali is a knowledgeable Photographer

Ali is a gentle, knowledgeable photographer who has an uncanny ability to communicate the complexities of photography, specifically digital photography like I have yet to experience anywhere else in Placerville, California.
I strongly recommend all of his photography if you are serious about preserving your moments.

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